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Thread: Improving clean and jerk

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    Improving clean and jerk

    Clean and jerk is the one lift I would really like to improve on. I seem to be stuck at around 170lbs though; I've been doing them for a couple months and it hasn't increased.

    So my question is when improving the amount of weight you can do is it more form or muscle strength related?

    I know for a fact that my form isn't very good. For some reason I just can't squat at any point during the motion (unless I've already caught it on my chest then do an actual front squat). It just doesn't feel natural. Also I cannot for the life of me get my elbows out. I've had this problem since high school. I get the weight onto my chest but my elbows stay straight. I can't even forcefully push them out; they just won't go that far.

    I've watched numerous clean and jerk videos here and elsewhere but I still must be doing something wrong. Unfortunately I can't get video of me doing high weight because my gym won't allow it. So here's me doing kind of what I do with heavier weight.


    Oh, and I left out the jerk because the weight is so small that it wouldn't be relevant... and I think my jerk is fine for now.
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