Heres some interesting facts about the chalk we all use while lifting them heavy weights!

First of all, my chalk is made of magnesium carbonate, I dont know what you guys use, it may be that or calcium carbonate.

Our chalk can be prepared quite easily. All you need to do is mix some Sodium carbonate solution (Sodium carbonate is one of the few water soluble carbonates) with magnesium in solution (you can add magnesium sulphate to solution to get the magnesium ion) and a precipitate will form. This white fine powder is weightlifting chalk! You can than filter it and wash it with water to remove any soluble materials. While slightly damp it can be formed into cubes and than can be dried in an oven. It than comes out as chalk!

Whats good about using a carbonate for weightlifting is its solubility in water. Carbonates in general are very insoluble. As a result, the powder wont dissolve in your sweaty hands when you lift giving you a better grip!

Thats all for now.