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Thread: Impossible is Nothing..the jounrey of DGabe

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    Impossible is Nothing..the journey of DGabe

    Well I am finally back to WBB. It's been a little over a year since I stopped posting here, and this was largely due to my knee reconstruction. I am currently going to school at Rowan University, and hopefully within 3-5 months my knee will be completely healed. To make a long story short, I was sprinting towards the ball, goalie came out cleats first into my locked leg, my kneecap dislocated and tore all the tendons off the bone, and my ACL. So the surgery was six hours for them to reconstruct the ACL and put two screws into the bone to re-attach all the tendons. Right around the end of July I had my knee scoped from all the scar tissue, and hopefully that will be the end of me going under the knife So the rest is history, I'm on the soccer team here at Rowan and have been rehabbing and strength training.


    I'm not going to go into the history of my supplementation as this is just not necessary so we'll cut down to what I'm currently taking
    • Iron-Tek Cookies&Cream
    • Iron-Tek Banana Cream
    • NOW Adam
    • NOW Fish Oils
    • Vit C 500mg
    • Athletic Edge Nutrition - IntraXCell
    • Athletic Edge Nutrition - SteelEdge
    • Athletic Edge Nutrition - IntrAbolic
    • Controlled Labs - Green MAGnitude
    • Bulk L-Leucine
    • Bulk Glycerol Monostearate
    • Melatonin 3mg (night time)

    As you may know, I am a rep for Athletic Edge Nutrition so I am fortunate enough to get to use all of our products. IntraXcell was the first ever capped beta-alanine product, SteelEdge is a basic pre-workout without creatine, and IntrAbolic is our brand new product that you drink while working out with Leucine (as well as all the other necessary amino acids), Electrolytes, Beta-alanine, and Hydrolyzed Whey Protein (with a high degree of hydrolysis over 30%). So I got everything covered.

    I've never taken anything hormonal, and the only thing I plan on trying soon is Designer Supplements ActivaTe Xtreme. This basically allows your body to free up test from SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) and take advantage of already existing test.

    Also my source of whey protein is always changing, Iron-Tek unfortunately is a very cheap whey and clumbs. However it was $21 for 5lbs and I am tight on cash at the moment, but I think my next few purchases will be a much higher quality blend. (yes I know about Nitrean, no need for plugs )


    Mostly clean foods, pasta, chicken, beef, grilled cheese, omelettes, and a lot of other typical college cafeteria food.


    This past January I was 163lbs after I lost about 17lbs from being in bed for so many months from the surgery. I'm now up to about 190lbs at roughly %11 BF (rough gestimate). I would like to bulk as cleanly as possible to 210, and then just work on strength from there.

    For years I have been seriously considering boxing or some form of MMA, and I think after soccer season is over I'm going to finally follow through with this. I will be most likely signing up to a Muay Thai gym (It's called Daddis Training, MMA in Philly).


    I've tried everything from high volume, HIT, Bill Starr 5x5, chest/tri back/bi split, push/pull.
    Currently using a push/pull routine:
    • Day 1 - Chest / Back
    • Day 2 - Shoulders / Calves
    • Day 3 - Biceps / Triceps
    • Day 4 - Legs

    Always focusing on compounds first, and finishing with some isolation exercises. I keep strict form, good negatives, and always make sure my ego doesn't prevent me from training effectively.

    I will probably start this journal up on Monday when my routine is back on Chest/Back day. I just got so excited from visiting again that I had to start up a journal today!! Feels great to be back and I am looking forward to sharing ideas and experiences with everyone again. Here are two pictures to give you guys an idea of what's happened. The first one is what I looked like roughly in January, and the second is a more current pic (a week ago or so).

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    Don't asker for a light load, but a strong back.


    Best Meet Lifts @ 220 Raw:
    Squat - 475
    Bench - 355
    Dead - 500
    Total: 1330

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