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Thread: Baby Got Back

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    Baby Got Back

    Yeah I was originally on the WBB Routine for a few months when I first started, then switched to The BGB routine and have been doing that for a couple months now. My question is this, the routine has me doing squats, but does not have me doing normal deadlifts. It has me doing Romanion deads which from what I understand, you keep your knees almost locked just like a straight legged deadlift? Could someone please verify this?

    Also, I recently switched gyms and at my current gym I do not have a place where I can do rack I have been doing them on the smith this alright for this exercise? To compensate I have been trying to go extra heavy on these with very strict form. Thanks for any help.

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    substitue in normal deads if you need to. No the smith machine is terrible, Again just do normal deads instead of rackpulls if there isn't a squat rack.
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    the exercises listed for BGB are more of a guideline, but you're def. free to change them up

    when I was on BGB my template was:

    Day 1: Push/Pull Horizontal Plane
    Bench Press: 5x5
    DB Incline Press: 3x8-10
    T-Bar Rows (or sub in Bent over rows): 5x5
    Deadlifts or Rack Pulls: 3x8-10

    Day 2: Quad dominant/biceps

    Back Squat or Front Squat: 5x5
    Squat Thrusters: 2x10
    Power Cleans: 2x8
    Hammer Curls: 3x6
    BB Curls: 2x6-8

    Day 3: Vertical push/pull

    Barbell Standing Overhead Press: 5x5
    Push Press: 3x8
    Weighted Chinups: 5x5
    lat pulldowns or BW pullups: 3x8

    Day 4: Ham dominant/triceps

    Deadlift: 3x5
    Good Mornings: 3x8
    Weighted Dips: 4x5
    Close Grip Bench: 3x6
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