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    Yet Another Journal

    Friday, June 13th

    It's been awhile since I've made a journal entry. And it's been even longer since I started a new journal (about 9 months) so I figure I can be forgiven for starting yet another one. Hell, I'll probably be just as ****ty as keeping this one up-to-date as the last few. When I didn't have a job, I was a journal keeping machine.

    There are many new developments since the last journal:
    1) I now live in Bellevue, Wa (near Seattle). Here's the Wikipedia entry:,_Washington
    Here's a picture I took:

    Most notably to me, it's home to Valve Software (makers of Half-life). lol
    2) I have a new job as a Dev Manager for the team responsible for TMObile ringtone download network and bumped my salary up by about 50%. Right now I work for a company called InfoSpace. But Motricity, a competitor based in Durham, NC just bought the mobile division of my company. Here's the news:
    They actually did it for the people here more so than our technology, so my job, etc is safe. But in about three months my paycheck will be coming from a different company. I'm still adjusting to the job, so it'll be interesting to see. Actually, we're not even moving to a new facility so things should remain relative stable for awhile.
    3) I ran into some legal difficulties. Unfortunately, this means I'm out about 8K and have been somewhat stressed out recently. I'm not going to go into this further.
    4) I have a new girlfriend.
    Add all this up and it's not surprising I'm a fat sloppy mess again. Here is a picture I took 30 minutes ago at 210lbs. (Forgive the quality; I can't find my camera):

    Here is where I was a few months ago, before I got fat again (at about 201lbs):

    And amusingly enough during my move I uncovered some 'before' shots from about 6 years ago. For the amusement of all here is one:

    So, I aim to stop being a fatass. I dunno if this week will be the week, but I will start keeping a journal (however ****ty it might be). I may start the UD2 again next week, but I'm not sure. I seem not to have the discipline for anything else (I'm an all-or-nothing kind of guy) Currently, I'm nearing the end of the 15-rep portion of a half-assed HST cycle in which I haven't really been tracking diet.

    M1: 1 ZonePerfect Bar
    M2: 1oz peanuts, turkey & swiss on whole wheat, 1 ZonePerfect Bar
    M3: 1 ZonePerfect Bar
    M4: ...


    Training: 7:15pm - 8pm, Location: LA Fitness
    Nautilus Overhead Press: 125 x 15, 125 x 15, 125 x 4
    Overhand Pulldown: 120 x 15, 120 x 7
    Flat Bench: 135 x 15, 135 x 8
    Precor Rows: 130 x 13, 130 x 8
    Incline Free Motion Press: 120 x 15, 120 x 15
    Squats: 135 x 15
    Laterals: 15s x 15, 15s x 9, 15s x 8
    DB Curls: 30s x 15, 30s x 8
    BB Curl: bar x 15
    Leg Press: 320 x 15, 320 x 8

    Bleh. Pretty crappy.

    Weight 210lbs
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    Parables and Portraits, Stephen Mitchell

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