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Thread: Good Mornings, how effective are they?

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    Good Mornings, how effective are they?

    Are Good Mornings a good subsitute for SLDL? My friend says it works just as well if the form is good and the best part is that I am able to isolate the hamstrings, lower back and glutes while preventing the Traps and forearms from doing anywork (which is what SLDL does). However,has anyone tried Good Mornings and does it beef up your hamstrings?

    Opinions anyone?

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    well you'c use as much wieght with good morning as deads. also deads will use your traps more as you shrug the weight at the top of the movement.
    I do not think its a good movement as becuase your using less weight. the hamstrings are not the muslce failing, when doing them. also I could not imagine going 4 reps to faluire with goods.
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    I always thought good mornings worked your lower back more then anything I'd stick to SLDL for hamstings.
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    I've always found good mornings to be very effective for development of the hamstrings and lower back muscles.I'm of the opinion that they are a good substitute for stiff-legged deadlifts.One reason I like good mornings better, is that there are so many variations of good mornings you can use.If I only had time to do one exercise for the hams, this would be it.
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    IF you want to feel it in you hams more try sitting back further while doing them
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    good mornings are a good exercise but i find it working more on my lower back. I'd stick to stiff legs for hamstrings. I think you can also go heavier on stiff legs than good mornings.
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    Your hamstrings attach above your hips and below your knees so they are used for two joints so its important to hit them from different exercises. Leg curls are somewhat standard part of a hamstring workout but you also need to hit them using your hip rotation (i.e. SLDL or good mornings). Both exercises hit your lower back and your hams. I prefer SLDL just because its a safer movement (its very easy to do good mornings improperly and mess your back up pretty well). That is not to say good mornings are a bad exercise (I still do them every once in a while for variety). Better safe than sorry...

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    I agree with most of what was said... I prefer SLDLs for my hamstrings; I could never get comfortable going heavy on good mornings, and my lower back does fail much sooner on that lift.

    That's not saying they're a bad substitute, I'm just not personally comfortable with them.
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    i agree 100% w/ belial

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    I pretty much agree with Belial, but I will be doing a ton of both exercises on my current program and very heavy too.
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