I've been lifting about 4 years now. I started lifting my freshmen year of college at 135lbs and pushed myself up to around 190lbs this past summer. Around the same time I developed some pretty brutal cystic acne on / around my chin. I figured it was a coming of age thing, especially since I tended to be a late bloomer. I went to a dermatologist, was put on antibiotics, and it seemed to lessen the amount and frequency, but I still got one huge pimple, about every week, on / around my chin.

I went to Europe for 3 weeks this past summer. Decided not to lift / exercise those 3 weeks so I could drink a lot of German beer (haha) and see the sites etc. Didn't get a single pimple, even with the binge drinking and walking all day in hot weather.

I figured my acne came from the increased levels of testosterone caused by building muscle and eating a ton of meat. I still haven't had a pimple since. My skin has totally cleared up. I was wondering if something similar has happened to anyone else? I asked my dermatologist about it and he said weight lifting doesn't cause acne. However, I'm skeptical.

I'm at a crossroads. I really loved exercising / lifting, but hated my acne so much that it has kept me away. I never took any gear or anything. Did take some creatine (on and off) and usually had a protein shake after a workout.

I haven't found much on the internet so let me know what you've experienced / think.