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Thread: Opinions? Work Neck Separately and Specifically - Yea or Nay???

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    Opinions? Work Neck Separately and Specifically - Yea or Nay???

    I was wondering whether it would be a good idea to do some neck work specifically and separately from other body parts (things like Neck Flexion, Neck Extension, Neck Laterals). Does anyoe do these sorts of exercises? Do these exercises do any good for increasing strength/size of the neck or are they likely to cause strains and injuries? Thanks for any responses.

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    I would reccommend doing them. Just keep strict form and don't try to go to heavy.
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    well said chase, i agree
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    I think my neck gets enough stress doing db back extensions and squats.

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    I know I should work it, just haven't found the time. Focusing too much on the other bodyparts.

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    I don't do anything special for my neck. It's at 17" now and I son't really want it bigger. It's hard enough trying to find dress shirts at 17", let alone bigger than that.
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    I don't really think working your neck specifically is a good idea. I've had several chiropractors tell me that even with very strict, perfect form, you still have a big risk of injuring yourself (the neck muscles are just prone to this I guess). However, I could be somewhat byass because I have a decent sized neck (either good genetics or my other exercises work my neck indirectly, or both).


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