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Thread: the shrug bar

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    the shrug bar - look under their equipment.

    do any of you people have this? i think it's an extraordinarly handy piece of equipment...mind you it's just a modified trap bar, but the extra leg space is great. deadlifts, straight-legged deadlifts, shrugs, even bent neutral grip rows...this thing is great.

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    I would think that this would help out those people having grip problems doing deadlifts too. No tendency for the bar to "roll" out of your hands.
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    Never really been much of a fan of the trap bar because its such a pain to load/unload the weight. Even with a power rack you need to sort of climb in to start your set. I do like the neutral grip when deadlifting to change things up and prevent the bar from rolling out as easy. However, you can compensate for this by using an alternate grip or straps. If you want the neutral grip when shrugging just use dumbbells. Just my $.02...


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