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    Taking Back What is Mine

    Welcome. This is the beginning of my journey to take back my life. Why do I need to take it back? Because over the past 4 years I have let it slowly be stripped from me.

    Family problems have plagued my time and tortured me mentally and emotionally since high school. Physically though I continued to grow through lifting; two months ago that was taken from me. In a motorcycle accident I suffered a t1 and t4 vertebrae fractures, a fractured rib, and a collapsed lung. CT scans also showed that I had papillary thyroid cancer. Almost 2 months later I now have had my full thyroidectomy and the brace is now off.

    Those 2 months while I dependent on those around me I did all I could; I made a promise. 6 months, 2 years, 10 years from now I would look back and know that I came out of this rut with more than just a healed back. I will become a stronger man.

    Naturally this journal is going to serve as a training log. However, in my case I want it to be more. This journal is now a pact I have made with myself; a place where I can find motivation and remind myself what it is I am after. I hope that it might even inspire others as the community has inspired me over the past couple years. This journal is very overdue and apologize for being a lurker for so long!

    --- GOALS ---------------
    SET [1/07/08]

    *Deadlift: 1x455
    *Squat: 1x365
    *Bench: 1x275
    *Total: 1095

    SET [10/28/07]
    *On 9/3/08 weigh in at a lean 200 lbs or more.
    *On 11/30/07 have the neurosurgeon tell me I can resume more of my normal activities.
    *Reduce LBM loss until I am healed and ready to put it on.

    --- STATS ----------------


    *Age: 23
    *Weight: 199
    *BF: To be Calculated in a week hopefully
    *Pictures At post #65.

    *Age: 22
    *Height: 5'11"
    *Weight: 180 lbs
    *BF: 12%ish (Abs slightly visible)

    --- JOURNAL -------------
    Appointment with the neurosurgeon! Not going to lie... I had high hopes. I wanted to be told that I could lift practically anything I put my hands on. Little did I know that his initial reaction was that I should wear the brace for another month allowing me to take it off for sleep and showing. After explaining how I felt, a second look at the CT scans, and a feel of my back he decided I could stop wearing the brace. Activities that do not stress my spine are alright... curls, swimming and biking here I come!

    At first I was very disappointed... I miss my deadlifts so much. But hey, I CAN DRIVE. Oh my! how nice it is! After having to be shipped around to class everyday and gaining back the ability to care for myself I am now ecstatic!

    This is without a doubt the first chain broken that has been holding me back (no pun intended)!

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