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Thread: Occupational hazard?

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    Occupational hazard?

    I've been cutting and I'm down to 195 lbs (at 6'1"). I'm about 11% BF (guess) but am trying to get into the 6-8% range. I'm doing the usual HIIT/long walk cardio in the morning and lifting at night. I've been doing basically a low carb/med fat/high protein diet with some success.

    My problem is that I'm now doing part time work for a moving company. The hours are very uneven: sometimes a job 1-4 PM, sometimes 8-2 PM, and some days I don't have any jobs. I'm only doing about 15 hrs a week. I'm worried that this is going to interfere with my cutting process. Because moving burns so many calories, I'll probably end up burning a lot of muscle (at least that's what I was thinking). Also, I'm not sure if I should lift weights if I'm going to be moving all day. And lastly, I'm not sure a low carb diet is feasible when I need so much energy to work.

    So, how should I incorporate this job into my routine. Is it going to cause me to atrophy because of all the added cardio? Should I even lift weights if I'm doing a moving job? Aggh...too many worries

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    Assume an extra, hmmm, 200 cals per hour you work? 300? Just eat extra on the days when you work. Train on a different day.


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