Whats up everyone I'm fifteen yrs old and I'm looking for some advice on how to gain some more weight and put on some muscle. I weigh about 129-132 pounds and I'm about 5'8" so I'm a pretty skinny kid. I was just looking for some advice on weight lifting and getting bigger, so I can put some meat on my bones.

At my school we have this workout room, and I can lift more weight than the other skinny kids my size, but the people I hang out with and play sports with are all bigger than me and lift more than me. They try and get me to lift more than I can and tell me I should start working out more because I'm so skinny. So I guess compared to the other skinny kids in my grade I'm doing okay but I wanna get bigger and not be weaker than my friends.

I have a fast metabolism so it makes gaining harder, but im willing to eat more than I burn whenever i start to get committed to lifting weights. I like the schools workout room but it doesnt have all the machines, and sometimes its embarrising to lift lesser than my friends in front of hot girls, so in about two days I'm gonna start going to a local gym cause I just got a monthly membership. I just need advice on what my workout routines should be and advice on my diet.

If this info is too vague for any help right now, then in a couple days I'll let you know my max's etc., but if this helps I have 25 lb. dumbbells which I do 3 sets of 10 with every other night. It's pretty heavy for me but I think I could be doing about 5 reps of 32-35 lbs if I got serious.