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Thread: What are shoulder exercises that increase your bench press?

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    What are shoulder exercises that increase your bench press?

    I was reading about bench-pressing, and it said that if you develop certain shoulder muscles, it'll allow your shoulders to take on the burden of more weight so you could do more for bench presses.

    I'm curious as to what these are.

    Not to mention, my shoulder routine has become increasingly frustrating for me and I wouldn't mind adding some new exercises.

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    Overhead presses.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    if you do a lot of incline bench press you're shoulders will get a lot stronger since they become more involved the more vertical you get.

    Anything that strengthens your front delts will help also.

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    Overhead presses and face pulls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjohnso View Post
    Overhead presses and face pulls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Stagg View Post
    Overhead presses.

    That, along with lots of rest (growth time) and protein.

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    what's a face pull?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmckinley View Post
    what's a face pull?
    Good question. I think he means an upright row or a high pull.

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    Any type of OH pressing
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