Lately I feel like I haven't had 2 consecutive weeks in the gym in a long long time. It seems like I am always sick, it's almost like my body is just falling apart on me. Back in December-Feb/March I had whooping cough which eventually led to a cracked rib, almost never got to the gym. After that I still had a consistent (but not terrible) cough, as well as 3 bouts with strep throat. Then I had tendonitis/carpal tunnel (not sure which), which took 2-3 weeks off my gym time, after that my shoulder was bothering me. I've had mysterious aches and pains, a consistent low fever. Last week I actually got a full week's workout in, and this week I've been feeling dizzy and lightheaded and my stomach has been hurting on the right side radiating to the back. Which I would immediately associate with kidney problems only I've had no dark or cloudy urine. Haven't really had any kind of appetite at all so my bulk has been non-existent.

Don't really know what the point of this post was, just pissed that my body seems to be constantly betraying me. Last year I was hardly ever sick at all, I was bulking and felt great. This year I feel like I've lost all my progress.