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Thread: Shin splints

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    Shin splints

    I just started playing basketball on a team 2 weeks ago. I used to play a lot, but not for a few years. I have put on about 30lbs over the past few years. After running a few full court games 2 days in a row I have the worst shin splints. Is this because I haven't played for a while? Is the added weight partly the reason for this? I am resting my legs until they feel better. Will this be reoccuring or will they stop once I get used to all that running again? Is rest, ice and asprin the only way to heal shin splints? I play football also and I don't ever get shin splints. It must be all the cutting and changing direction of basketball. Any input appreciated. Thanks.
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    In my past experience with shin splints (though it has been a while) is they usually manifest the most after a long bout of inactivity, which seems to fit the situation you decribe above. I think the best medicine for them is rest which you also stated you were doing. I might suggest a gradual increase in activity once your shins feel better instead of full out basketball games right off the bat. Easing your way back in will help prevent a reoccurence. If they persist you probably should have a doctor look at them but thats just my opinion....
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    I used to get shin splints from playing alot of football (soccer) but after i bought some heel inserts i was cured!

    They are sort of like a cushion for the heel and it absorbs a lot of the shock when you run and jump.

    Basically the hard surface when playing basketball is the problem so the inserts should counteract this. Also the extra weight while running is increasing the pressure on the heels hence more shin pain.

    Take some anti inflam tabs and rest for a week. Get some inserts and you will be good to go.
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    i've iced my calf area for about 10 minutes when i can and my shin splints have almost completely gone away in about 2 weeks...

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    shin splints result from "extra pounding" to the extensor digitorum; the tendons on the dorsal aspect of the foot. Get a pair of custom made foot orthotics for the arch support and the extra cushioning. Supporting the arch should take care of it

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