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Thread: Alternatives for 1.1 pull throughs?

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    Alternatives for 1.1 pull throughs?

    Title says it all, just starting WBB 1.1 up finally... wondering if theres any good alternatives for it.
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    glute-ham raise
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    Do you not have a low pulley steve?
    Pull thoughs are a great exercise.
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    What scooter said. You could also do Dimel deadlifts, aka romanian deadlifts with a lot of speed and a big pop at the top.

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    This bodybuilder came up to me one time while I was doing Pull-throughs and asked me if I knew what I was doing. I said yes, they're called pull-throughs, then he proceded to do curls with the benching barbell.

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    Whats wrong with doing curls with a barbell?

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    What are pull-throughs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Altephor View Post
    What are pull-throughs?
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