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Thread: how should the bar go down in bench press??

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    how should the bar go down in bench press??

    how should the bar go down in bench press?? in a straight line?? or in oblique line to the area of lower chest-upper abs???
    whats the difference???
    and another question- i wanna start doing some overhead squat to help me maintain my arch in the back squat- my question is: do i need to push the bar away from me-backward in the overhead squat???

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    you should take it with your arms perpendicular to the floor, straight out that is
    then lower it controllably to just below your nipples, usually a straight line from that.

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    when I bench, sometimes when I lower the bar I imagine a bubble over my upper chest and the bar moving down toward the lower chest in a arc-line motion. I started doing then when I changed my bench style with tucked elbows and arched back.
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    Some coaches advocate a J-line method of pressing.

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    shoot, i just lower the bar and raise it in the same line.

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    well, im asking because i was told by some1 who saw me benching in straight line that benching like this put more weight and pressure on the shoulders instead of the chest in oblique line...

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