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Thread: Over the years

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    Over the years

    What up? I've been a loyal reader of this website for a group of years now...have never posted cause I find what I need by searching (imagine that). Now the reason that I'm writing; I'm in the military (22+ years) and have been an avid lifter for over 15 years. Used many supplements...just about everything...Now I'm 41 years old weigh 210 and have about 8% BF and I've done my best work while deployed (currently I'm in SW Asia). All I use is a multi-vitamin and eat as clean as I can...and makes me wonder. Why did I take and waste all that $$$ on shyt that I pissed away anyway? there are some that you cannot go without (protein) but that's the next time you're thinking of buying that "super" supplement....think twice about it.

    Peace out and stay good in the states...will be there soon!


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    Excellent point. Too bad it took spending all that money for you to realize it.

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    Live and learn, my friend. Live and learn.
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    to bad you didnt post earlier. we could of used you to knocked some sence into some silly newbie scub
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