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Thread: shirt bench/boards question

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    shirt bench/boards question

    Hey all,

    I lift with IPF so I gotta wear a poly single ply for benching. Anyway, for a long time I have known that ideally would should do shirt work full rom. I know Vince has said this, Scott Yard said this, Sebastian Burns said this. So- I should do this right? My problem is with a reasonably tight f6 or katana I can't touch less than 530. In fact, in the katana I'm using at the moment touching 550 is a task- my comp PR is 556! For this reason- and because the dudes I train do shirt board work- I have been touching rarely and doing shirted boards- doing most of my work off a 2-board. I just picked up a bigger shirt and I'm hoping if I can touch less I can do what I think I should be (doing my shirt stuff to the chest). My feeling is that, while I a getting better at touching, there is just so much difference between a 2board and full rom that I know I should be working more on touching. But will training in a loose shirt help me bench in a tight one?? Anyway, thoughts- suggestions?????
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