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Thread: Minor Legal Advice

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    Minor Legal Advice

    To make a long story short its getting cold in Toronto so I took my Sean John(expensive) coat to cleaner about a week ago. Anyways, I went to pick up my coat today and there was 1 huge hole in the back with cotton coming out(7inches) and a 4inch rip down the sleeve.

    The Drop off place is some tiny shot inside of Walmart. The Actually cleaning is done from another location.

    The guy at the counter said he would contact the cleaners but he tried to make it seem like the cleaner said the holes were already there.

    I was wearing the coat last week when I dropped it off and the same guy at the counter looked over my coat before he checked it in. My point, there was no holes in my jacket!

    What kind of steps can I take if this cleaners company tries to BS me?

    I was thinking maybe I can check if camera inside of walmart are able to playback the tape of me dropping of my coat.

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    I think when you bring in the clothes and they look it over then give you a ticket they are saying that it is in good condition.

    I had a similar thing happen with one of my suits. The cleaner took full responsibility and paid for a replacement. I would think that you ahve an even stronger case being that it is inside Walmart. I am sure Walmart doesn't want to be involved with a company that screws people over.
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    That's what you get for wearing Sean John gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickenlegs View Post
    That's what you get for wearing Sean John gear.
    I laughed out loud.

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