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Thread: Train through the pain

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    Train through the pain

    My hips always bothering me, I can't squat because of it, but deadlifts don't seem to bother it as much. The pain is very minor and isn't sharp.
    My gut instinct tells me to just train though it, I don't get any pain doing the deadlifts, what do you all think?

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    Is it discomfort or is it a true pain?
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    If we are on the same page of pain, then no you shouldnt workout if you are experincing pain.
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    Try stretching first. It may be something due to tight muscles. I know that whenever I dont stretch or warmup up properly before squatting my hips absolutely KILL me and make it hard to reach depth.
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    Pain, it's very minor, maybe I'll see a chiro this pay.

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    look into dynamic mobility drills especially for increasing hip ROM

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    Wow just did a couple of those drills, my hips can really feel it.

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    I would do a short flexibility program for a few weeks. I used to have trouble squatting because my back would cramp and spasm when I held the bar too close. Working on general flexiblity worked wonders, now it's much easier.

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