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Thread: Routine due to Limitations

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    Routine due to Limitations

    Hey guys. I work out of my garage with a BB, 20lb DBs, weights, and a bench/rack. Im a little limited in what i can do but in the near future iw ill be getting a dip tower/pull up tower which i will incorporate into my workout. For now, though, heres whats going on

    for heavy compound movements: 5x5
    For isolation work: 3x8
    For dips and pullups i will prob do BW till failure till i can work up to 3x8 then add weight

    The weight is always changing so yeah didnt bother putting it up and of course i do warm up sets

    Day 1:
    Bent Over BB Rows
    BB Standing Military Press
    (pull ups in the future)

    Day 3:
    Flat BB Bench
    Incline BB bench
    Db flies
    Tricep kickbacks
    Skull crushers
    (dips in the future)

    Day 5:
    standing calf raises
    Leg extensions/lunges
    straight leg deadlifts
    bicep work (BB curls/preacher curl)

    Plus ab work on either rest days or days when im feeling especially motivated

    I feel like my upper back isnt getting worked enough...i could be wrong and of course that will change once pull ups come around. Im also thinking possibly too much chest work on day 3. Any pointers to improve onthis?
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