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Thread: Unbalanced arm strength

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    Unbalanced arm strength

    Ok so I need some suggestions. My right arm is much weaker then my left arm. I was injured playing Lacrosse many years ago. I am new to weight lifting and am just realizing how much of a differance there is between my two arms. Doing curls last night, I got to the point I couldnt lift my right arm any more. My left arm was barely working to lift the same amount of weight. So what would you guys recomend to me. Should I focus on the right arm for awhile and do nothing with the left? Or should I just do execises that both arms are working together?

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    It should even out, keep lifting. It could just be in your head too.

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    If you are using free weights, just keep going and it will balance itself out. Just focus on doing your sets evenly.
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    Similar problems that I'm facing; I decided to do 3x8 or to failure with the weaker, and do the same sets/reps with the stronger one. Eventually they should even out.

    Also it could be mentality as some have pointed out.

    Ps. don't expect them ever to be equal, as long as you get close it's good enough.

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