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Thread: Question About Size & Performance Training

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    Question About Size & Performance Training

    I currently don't have a way to lift weights at the moment so I'm going to do the next best thing and train for performance and endurance. My new regiment is going to include 4 mile runs everyday, and workouts that function on my own body-weight. Push-ups, pull ups etc etc...

    My question is... If I continue my massive diet of about 4500 cals a day and do all of this endurance training.. Will I loose the size that I've already worked up to? Many people have told me that I'll loose my size, but this doesnt make sense since it's muscle and not fat? I'd keep lifting but I'm barley making bills right now so I dont have money for a gym membership...

    Thanks guys

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    Was hoping I'd get a quick reply on this lol

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    I wouldn't have as many calories.. just eat your maintenance (whatever that is)

    If all you can do is pullups etc then that's all you can do. If possible, try and make it harder (e.g - put some weight on your back or ya girlfriend for pressups) and that should help.

    You don't build muscle overnight so you are not going to lose it overnight.

    Dunno what else I can say... maybe someone with more experience with this can put their 2p worth in (I would say 2 cents but I aint from the US )
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    body weight stuff, hill running, plyometrics,

    can you put something heavy on your back and do pushups or squats? you can do pushup variations and squat variations such as clap pushups, squat thrusts, one leg squats (pistols), three stop pushups, inclines... all kinds, get creative!
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    "lose" not "loose"

    just go into a forest and find heavy things to lift and throw around
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    Push your car around. Just find heavy things and move them. Better than nothin.

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    Haha, I went to wall-mart last night and walked around with two 45LB plates doing shrugs, lunges, curls, and tricep extensions. One way to do it right? lol...

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    go buy a big burlap sack. fill ti with 50lbs+ of mason sand.

    throw it, lunge with it. squat it. jump with it. add weight to it when it becomes too easy.

    i learned that somewhere. might of been here. its great core strength training too.

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