Ive been doing BGB for about the last year, but as the title says I want to start doing crossfit. However I also want to keep doing conventional weightlifting. So I was thinking of doing the following routine...

Day 1: DB(or BB) Bench Press-5x5
BB Military Press-5x5
Incline Bench-3x8
Arnold Press-3x8
Weighted Dips-3x8

Day 2: Deadlifts-Pyramid, then 3x5
Weighted Pullups-5x5
BB Rows-3x8
Straight-Arm Pulldowns-3x8
Seated Rows- 3x12

Day 3: Squats-Pyramid
Leg Press-3x8
Leg Curls-3x10
Calf Raises-3x20
Weighted Crunches-3xwhatever

Day 4: Off

Day 5: Crossfit (I'll just pick a random workout from the website for these)

Day 6: Crossfit

Day 7: Crossfit

Day 8: off

Then I would obviously start over with day 1. So what do you guys think? Any comments of critiques are greatly appreciated!