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    Dynamo's Online Journal

    So I am not sure how most people do these things, but I will post my routine, my thoughts, my food intake, and hopefully get some feedback from you guys.

    I was reading yesternight about how low volume sets build high density muscle and more readily attack the fat in the region for reasons i don't feel like typing. While high volume (8-12 reps) will continue to build muscle strength through the mitochondria proliferation etc....I decided I was at the last 10-15 lbs of fat I want kill off so this week I chose to start powerlifting. I usually like to keep in the 8-12 range because I lift weights for jiu jitsu and explosive power isn't necessary or even desired.
    Therefore my thoughts are as follows:

    I want to get stronger, not so much bigger (never wanted to be mr universe)

    Keeping with high volume sets will be good for maintaining muscle mass and conditioning my muscles for extended periods of strenuous activity while low volume sets will increase muscle density thus increasing the amount usable fibers. Therefore I should powerlift to generate more muscle and do high volume to condition the new muscle into high endurance stuff. Let me know if my logic is right here.

    With that said i did some ab workouts today:
    Incline Situp:
    5 sets each with 45lbs on my chest
    Reps: 8, 8, 6, 5, 5

    Side Bend:
    5 Sets
    More on my exercise later. See ya!

    P.S. During my run I have never felt worse than I did today, I suppose its due to the amount of oxygen required to repair the muscles. I dunno but I almost passed out twice and threw up once, there were lots of f bombs dropped.
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    My journal
    400(335) Bench Press
    600(520x3 2xBW) Dead Lift
    500(495x1) ATG Squat
    Total: 1500(1350)
    365 Front Squat
    consistency and intensity.

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