I decided, just now at 4:35 am EST that I am going to up my protein to 1.5g/lbm I've been following the .8g/lbm rule pretty religiously but only b/c I'm about 190lbs of LBM and it easier to eat less. I will shoot for about 285g of protein a day...sigh...thats 12 chicken breast a day, haha, thank god for protein shakes.
I decided this simply based on a 'feeling' the days I intentionally ingest more protein I get a pump going on, for whatever reason, and actually start to feel somewhat euphoric, so I see it as a signal. That and a few protein threads I've read people speak of the .8 rule for sedentary people while some of the bigger folk on here say they had their best gains around 2-3g/lbm. ok peace out.