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    Lifting was weak,

    300x3 though the dickpile of a spotter helped me lock out, fuck him, but whatever

    DB Flys bc the Dip station was full of cocksucking guidos doing who the hell knows, it wasn't dips

    i really focused on my shoulder seeing if I could spot some problems, none were found.

    50 minutes on the stair climber 817 calories my legs were shaking and I was tired so I stopped instead of doing the full 60

    got in a pseudo argument with this chick I know who has been running for less than a year, I really want to punch her in the face almost every day, and I don't know how to get her to leave me alone, anyway she does shit bc that's what the scientific papers say with studies on real athletes. I didn't have the desire to tell her she wasn't an athlete or anywhere near her genetic potential for any physical activity and didn't need to worry about anything any of those articles said bc I could piss on her and she'd get better at anything. Next I'll hear about how she sucks because thats just the way she's built.

    I just don't fucking care, stop telling me how I should do anything. I am currently better than her at everything. And I will be for the foreseeable future. I was running 18 miles easy before she knew what running was, now I deadlift and squat more than her then run farther and faster than her with 50 pounds on my back and still recover enough to work out the next day. You can take your scientist and blow them out of your ass. Instead of saying any of that I just said it was for the best that she follow what these athletes do in these scientific papers. I don't think she caught what I meant by that though. Enough ranting for me, I'm just going to tell her to shut the fuck up next time.
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    My journal
    400(335) Bench Press
    600(520x3 2xBW) Dead Lift
    500(495x1) ATG Squat
    Total: 1500(1350)
    365 Front Squat
    consistency and intensity.

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