I've got a question I'm kind of surprised I dunno the answer to.

I've had to skip (well, switch to squat or do my next chest day earlier) a couple deadlift sessions (skipped two out of my first three, to be precise) due to muscle soreness.

The thing is, my lower back isn't sore from heavy lifting, it's sore from working.

I feel like if my lower/middle back is sore (muscular soreness, not joint/spine or anything) I shouldn't deadlift, but I'm swapping dl sessions for other stuff which I hate (both cuz dl's are my favorite, and because, well, missing a major lift day is ****ty). I just had a thought though - if I'm sore from, say, scrubbing a floor, pulling weeds, or raking, that'd be mostly typeI fibers that are sore, right? So, since dl is primarily/entirely typeII fibers, should I be dl'ing anyways?

I'm pretty sure I know the answer but I'm grasping at straws here lol, I wanna dl but my lower back is almost constantly sore from the varied work I do.