My record bench was 190. Last week I could BARELY get 185. There is this guy I see at the gym every so often, one of the few who knows what they are doing. I think hes pretty active on T-Nation. But anyways, I told him whats been goin on and he basically says I cant leave till I hit a PR (joke of course). I remember seeing here that before you hit your one rep max its good to warm up but not nearly as close to your one rep max. I never really did this and would bench maybe 15 pounds less than my old one rep max. I warmed up to 155x1 and than tried 197.5. It flew up EASY. I surprised myself. I than tried for a 205. Its came up with some difficulty but I hit it.

Finally passed the 200 mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My current lifts are as follows:

Bench: 205
Squat: 250
Dead: 320

For a nice total of 775, about 75 pounds more than 1.5 months ago.

Westside rules