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Thread: what are all the big bench guys routines?

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    what are all the big bench guys routines?

    Hey guys, just wondering what everyones bench routine is? my bench is lacking big time, and i am trying to improve it with not much sucess.

    this is what i do:

    barbell bench-2 sets 6-8 reps each
    dips-weighted 2 sets 6-8 reps each
    low incline dumbbell press-2 sets 6-8 reps

    for triceps i do (on a different day)

    french press
    close grip bench

    what should i do to improve my bench? what do you guys do?

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    Gain weight.

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    The guys with big bench press numbers don't have a bench press routine. They have a routine comprised mostly of the big, Olympic compound lifts (i.e. bench press, squat, deadlifts, overhead press, rows, etc...) - and they eat a lot.
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    Lift heavier....this program that I did had you maxing out and going past your max once a week. I gained 35lbs on my bench in 4 weeks doing that.
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    The only exercises I do for chest are dips, db flat, and bb flat. I think I make modest gains on the bench through this
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    work ALOT of heavy triceps, and ALOT of lat work. those are the two main movers for bench. also, gotta work side and rear delts, traps, upper back, etc. for the most part, forget the dips and dumbbell incline. just stick to benching and close grip floor press, board press, etc. for a while.
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    I can't really say that i've benched nearly as much as some of the badasses we have posted here but I can give you advice on how I jumped nearly 100 pounds in a 2-3 month period.

    Not to say this routine with promise anything close to that ( had alot of arch work with a foam pad, was training for powerlifting so it was just about the numbers not so much the muscles for me)

    Before I hit a peak I couldn't cross for a while my bench was around 460ish so my routine was as follows.

    225x12 2 sets
    315x8 1 set

    I can't say I recommend it or say its safe, theres alot of possible potential damage that can be done from heavy singles especially in the volume I had but I was trying to follow the westside principals in my own way, heavy weight and working close to my max if not at it each workout to try and strain my CNS to build as fast as possible increasing weight each set 10-25 pounds until I couldn't complete a set alone and then I would do a set of 70 80 90 for singles to finish my workout. I benched every 4 days and it worked really well for a while until I became burnt out and started to decrease because I was misinformed on how to beat my plataue (spell check?)

    Also I couldn't rep weight for ****, according to that I should of been able to rep 405 but I never got more then 3x and never cared to try anything more for reps because for powerlifting it was all about the one rep max so I didn't care to train anything but that. It was all touch and go and I was able to get 435 for my paused meet rep which even though wasn't as high as I thought I still improved alot more then I would have training paused I believe.
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    the Westside Barbell template is awesome for gaining strength. too much stuff to put in here, but if you want to add some pounds to your bench go check out their articles.

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    just do 3 sets 12 reps untill you plateau on the flat bb bench and then switch it up to 5 sets 5 reps bb bench untill your strength plateaus and then switch it up to dumbells and go up to 4 sets 12 reps......thsi si how i keep growing and progressing

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    sets of 12 won't do **** for strength. good for muscular development, but not for strength.

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    mine is like
    3 sets of 10
    then some triples, doubles and singles.

    then skull crushers on my aux day
    you can check out my journal for the complete workout.

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    well i jus started benching a few days ago. never lifted weights really before so im fairly weak. i havent tried to bench anything iver 80 right now because i have no spotter and i jus started but i have a question.

    just turned 18, im 135 pounds and 6'2. i want to get toned, but not like HUGE so should i do lower weight high rep or wat?

    and are dips really helpful?

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    just turned 18, im 135 pounds and 6'2. i want to get toned, but not like HUGE so should i do lower weight high rep or wat?
    You're severely underweight for your height. You're not going to get "huge" one morning when you wake up. That requires years and years of dedication, hard lifting, consistency, and eating big. Throw the idea out the window that you're magically going to get "too big" because you aren't. I weigh more than you and I'm 5'3". You should definitely outweigh me at your height.

    How much are you eating? If you want to gain muscle, you need to start eating and you need to start eating a LOT. I would recommend going to the doctor first to have your thyroid checked for hyperthyroidism. That may very well explain your weight. If it's not a metabolic disorder, you need to start eating more.

    You will never get "toned" unless you start packing on some muscle. You have to have muscle to have muscle definition. You need to develop a base to work with.

    How many calories do you think you're eating in a day? Here's some links you need to check out...and start reading ~>

    Best of Diet and Nutrition Threads
    Best of Bodybuilding and Fitness Threads
    Big Boy's Menu Plan
    BGB Lifting Routine
    WBB 1.1 Lifting Routine

    To answer your question - heavy weight, low reps [5-8 reps is a good number]. Also, heavy is a relative term to you and you alone, not the guy lifting next to you. If it's heavy to you, then it's heavy.
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    thanks a lot scarz. umm i never considered hyperthyroidism. first off i dont know what it is second off if it is the reason im so skinny then damnit! also, im shooting for 3500 calories a day. i get in atleast 3000 but sometimes it hard to get to 3500 if i have a really busy day. also, i know im underweight but if i had 10,000 posts here and joined 2.5 years ago im sure i would weigh more than you! We all gotta start somehwere and also im not looking to get huge, that idea was thrown out the window the first day i signed up here. i think with my body type, i can get toned if i lift hard and eat harder.

    also, i DO have a very fast metabolism, its in the genes. sucks for me

    thanks for the help, those links are very helpful.

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