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Thread: tweaked my back while lifting today....very strange

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    tweaked my back while lifting today....very strange

    I got done doing my squats today and set a new pr. I did 235 5x5. I felt great.

    I decided to skip the rest of my leg work because I'm going snowboarding soon and I didn't want to be to soar. I took about a 15 minute break to catch my breath and proceeded to my seated alt curls for bicps.

    I was on my 3rd set of 5x5 at the same weight as last week and I went for my first rep on my right arm. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain on my back below my neck on the spinal cord.

    When I look down, or turn my head to the right it hurts. I am worried and wondering if any of you guys have advice or know what may have happened. It doesn't feel like a muscle tear...its more on the bone. Hopefully it will go away when I wake up tomorrow. Its really bothering me.

    Any help is much appreciated.
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