Guys, I have never attempted to count calories or carbs. But yes I do have a count of protein intake. (close to 210 gms or more)

Stats: 26 yrs, 6'2" , 194 lbs.
Target: get bigger

Meal1: 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 2 cups whole milk with a scoop of whey protein.

Meal2: banana, nuts

Meal3: chicken sandwich

Meal4: meat tortilleni + marinara

Meal5: chicken sandwich

Meal6: 1 scoop of whey


Meal7: Rice with some chicken (half chicken breast). + yoghurt

Before going to bed: 2 cups milk with a scoop of whey + some nuts occasioanally

I am on WBB2 since 3 weeks. I am yet to see some gains. What do you think guys???