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Thread: Great article on the Sean Taylor gig .

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    Great article on the Sean Taylor gig .

    Give me your broken , give me your beaten ... I will build them up , I will lead them ... to the threshhold . Make you stronger , make you believe .

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    Can I get an amen?

    That was great.

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    Nice post bro.
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    i love jason whitlock

    and this article represents why, very truthful, and hits hard at the actual problem and not the fame of it, but the true nature of the problem
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    I'm speechless.

    like tupac said, "It's not them that's killin' us, it's us killin us."

    (guess I'm not that speechless, but great post anyway)
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    Whitlock was just on the Jim Rome show. One of my favorite columnists.
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    that is one of the best articles i have ever read

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