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Thread: Advice on Squat and Squat suits

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    Advice on Squat and Squat suits

    I just finished a squat workout eariler working up to 415lbx3 which is my best so far. I max out at 455 few months ago and I believe I can hit the same number given 2 leg workouts. On my third rep, I noticed that at the very bottom of the squat (paralell), I felt real "loose" but regained my tightness once at the last 80% of the lift. Is this an issue with stabilizer muscle groups I need to focus more on? I dont target my abs as much and Ive read from multiple message boards where abs help keep your tightness in the Squat and Deadlift.

    I'm preparing for a meet in Feb 08 and would like to compete all 3 lifts. However, I never squatted or own a squat suit. I am familar with bench shirts and deadlift suits. I like Titan's F6 and their Deadlift suit over the Metal Pro King deadlifter, Metal IPF squatter, and Inzer's Rage-x bench shirt. I feel like Titan's gear fits my body better than other companies. For an entry to intermediate level squat suit, what would you recommend? Has anyone had expierence with Titan's squat suits? I squat with medium to wide stance (feet just right outside shoulder length).

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    titans dl suit should not even be called a dl suit, it sucks. Never seen one person have a positive thing to say about it. The max dl, fusion and metal stuff are far superior. Titans squat suits are real good, both the super+centurion and Boss are well worth the money. I wear metal ace briefs under my boss, i would love to try and metal squat suit in the future.

    For you I would try the super+centurion in meet fit. You can have it altered to a comp fit down the road. Go through Liftinglarge or plonine, titan takes forever.
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    do some specific work for your hips and glutes. glute ham raises, legs pull-aparts with the bands, etc. see if the hip/glute work helps.

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