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Thread: Cutting is driving me nuts!

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    Cutting is driving me nuts!


    I am finding cutting so hard iv been trying to do it for months on end and my weight has dropped by around a kilo and i see some but very little difference in my physique although my waist has dropped by a decent inch! The only thing i can think of is dropping cals...

    Diet (roughly):

    Meal 1
    Xenadrine + water
    WORKOUT - (1 serving of Whey Protein post workout)

    Meal 2

    Meal 3
    Cheese sandwich + pack of crisps + diet cola or Diet cola + Tuna pasta

    Meal 4
    2 Chicken breast + rice or bread of some sort

    Meal 5
    Small snack e.g nuts and milk

    My workout is intense hitting all major body parts and i work out 3 times a week and on an empty stomach after my weights session i throw in about 20 mins on the bike for cardio, for some quick HIIT.

    Totals - 1900-2000 cals, 80-100g fat, 200g Carbs, 120-150g protein

    I weigh about 190lbs and im 6ft 1.... My aim is to lean out as much as possible say sub 12% BF and then the worlds slowest and cleanest bulk... i need suggestions, all i can do is drop cals maybe increase cardio? I mean i only do it twice a week....
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