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Thread: Hang clean and power clean

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    Hang clean and power clean

    There are couple of questions that i wanted to ask about the two. I've been training a young athlete and i was never in favor of Olympic lifts like cleans because they take time to learn, if you want them to be done properly.

    If the main goal of the athlete is for power, so speedy delivery of strength for a greater athletic transfer of power. Which would be better out of the two for that purpose or isn't there much difference.

    I've been spending time teaching the athlete proper form with no weight, broom stick, watching correct videos and so on. I will continue to until i see that the athlete has fully understood the correct for but i wanted to know which is better i guess thats the word to use.

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    I can't really offer too much advice as I've never trained athletes but I'm curious as to why you would only teach one?
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    Well i probably didn't make it clear, i meant an athlete i am training perosonly at this moment. I train more athletes but at this moment in time he is where i spend my most tuition time. I have couple rugby players lined up for training, nothing special just explosive power and strength development.

    As i still count my self as the average lifter i wanted to know other peoples opinions on Olympic lifts especially powercleans as it is taking a while for this running back to learn them.

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    If you're not feeling comfortable with his form I would go with power cleans because there isn't a full squat involved. Dropping into the squat is an easy place to lose your form.

    I'm probably going to ge flamed for this, but here goes.

    Many people are far too concerned about form and technique on the olympic lifts. Yes, you need flawless form to place well in olympic competitions, but your average lifter isn't interested in that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that form isn't important, I'm saying that it isn't as important as a lot fo people make it out to be. Furthermore, the same people will willingly perform a heavy squat, bench or deadlift without putting anywhere near the same effort into learning proper technique. Why is there such a discrepancy?

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