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    should i warm up for every exercise i do

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    if its weights just warmup with really light weights it gets the blood flowing. well thats what i do anyway. and before i do legs i just stretch.
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    You warm up body parts, not lifts. For example, you only need to warm up once for your chest (which will include shoulders). You do not need to warm up flat bench, incline bench and decline bench and dips (if that's your chest workout). If you go to shoulders, they should be sufficiently warmed up.

    However, doing a very light "warmup" set to get yourself used to a particular movement is just fine. For example, if you are doing incline after flat bench, you don't need to warm up the chest/shoulders, but throwing a minimum amount of weight on the bar and doing 10 reps to get yourself used to the movement might be a good idea.
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    I also find that I have to do several light warmup sets with squats to get my knees working. My knees are pretty stiff for some reason, but after 2-3 light sets, then a heavier warmup prior to my work sets, they free right up and feel fine for the work sets.

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    Warm up your rotator cuffs Before you bench, and maybe for shoulders. There's lots of links on the web for rotator cuff movements. I usually just grab a 10lbs plate and do circles, and basically do some reps with it as if I was driving a car with no turn signals... _! !_ you know, stop, and right turn..I think it Those are cuff movements.

    etc, etc...

    I'm also sure to stretch my groin and torso before squatting, along with my shoulders. My delts fight me like crazy to get back far enough to rest the bar correctly.

    As for everything else, I pretty much warm up every lift with light sets. I fail a lot sooner, whether it be the muscle group I'm working or my joints (like wrist pain on the bench) if I don't warm up in 20-30lbs increments...just 3-4 reps, to get the feel of it and stretch out. It's probably because I work at a desk with very little movement during the day, but my muscles are generally very tight when I start a workout.

    I'm also 28. I never warmed up when I goofed around in the gym 7-8 years ago, either.

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