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Thread: Higher total weight or higher weight on the bar?

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    Higher total weight or higher weight on the bar?

    Okay was just thinking about the low reps, high weight theory..and i was wondering if it is better to have more total weight or more weight on the bar.
    i.e 135lbs for 3 sets of 8 = 3240 total pounds lifted.
    160lbs for 3 sets of 4 =1920 total pounds lifted

    am i totally wrong for thinking about it in total weight pushed?and the heavier weight is better

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    Total weight, as you refer to it, is actually volume while how heavy it is, is intensity. Most beginners tend to respond best to volume while more advanced lifters respond more to intensity. If you're just beginning, a good basic routine of 3x10 will be okay, and as you progress, you can move onto 5x5, and others etc.
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    As well, using lighter weights can help with form.

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