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Thread: need a wrestling diet

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    need a wrestling diet

    hi people wrestling season just started up and i want to drop from 145 to 130 i got around 7.1% body fat i need a diet thta i can eat enough and not feel strarving and has high protein

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    I think you'll die if you try and drop from 145 to 130 @ 7% bf (unless you lose all your muscle). Do the math. If you drop more than 4 or so lbs, you deeeeeeaaaaad. Either your bf measurement is wrong, or your goals are. Either way, no one will be able to help you with wrong information.

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    I agree with whiteman. Dude, just eat healthy food when you're hungry. With all of the exercise you'll be getting you're bound to lose some fat anyways. You're not a fatty, so don't worry. High school sports isn't something to become emaciated over.

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