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Thread: Good thing I didn't go to the mall

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    Watchya talkn bout willis
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    Good thing I didn't go to the mall

    I'll find a link in a moment, but the mall I usually go to got shot up by some 19 year old who wanted to "Go out in style"

    He killed 8 and himself

    A couple of my friend's parents were at the mall around that time but luckily nobody I know was hurt.

    Victims RIP
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    I heard about that. Apparntly his girlfirend dumped him, he dropped out of school and his parents kicked him out of the house. He left a note saying "Now i'll be remembered" or something like that. What a sick ****. Good thing he's dead but may the victims RIP
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    The only place where you can mix Alcohol and Live Ammunition and its called a "Family Outing", Texas
    yeah, sad story

    side note:

    why do people flip **** over the holidays? cant this **** wait till like feburary? why u gotta **** up the holidays like that, selfish prick
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    I used to live 30 min away from Omaha. Which mall was it?

    EDIT: The article says westroads. There used to be a lot of gang shootings at that mall back in the 80s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigCorey75 View Post
    why do people flip **** over the holidays? cant this **** wait till like feburary? why u gotta **** up the holidays like that, selfish prick
    Holidays program people to cling to the ideas of family, joy, socialization. It's a pretty awful feeling for someone who is already alone, and isolates them further. Suicide rates are alwasy highest around holidays.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Detard View Post
    Apparntly his girlfirend dumped him, he dropped out of school and his parents kicked him out of the house
    Dont leave out the part about him getting fired from McDonalds. This kid was going places in life.

    What a complete piece of ****.
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    Now thats an idea.

    He got dumped, quit school and was homeless. So instead of working towards and education, finding a place to live and maybe a new woman we go out and kill ourselves.

    And they say each generation is getting dumber and dumber... this kid had the right idea!

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    it's sad that you get people like that...feel sorry for the family of the victims. A few weeks ago here in South Africa there was an incident where a guy drove in his car and everytime he stopped at the traffic lights he shot a person....he shot 1 guy in the head, and killed another aswell. i think 2 or 3 were wounded or something like that. 1 of the shootings were right around the corner from where i live. there is alot of crime in South Africa but 80% of it happens between gangs and people that know each's very rare for people to randomly start shooting innocent people, unless they attempt to rob you and you give them a hard time. This was just a sick thing a sick minded guy decided to just have to be aware of what's around you.
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    too bad that wasted sperm didn't kill himself in his car before he got into the mall. Sad story, heard about it Wed (when it happened) and then just read an article about the victims with pictures. I don't know why the red flags weren't waving with this weirdo. Not just his looks, which are enough to think hes nuts, but he threatened to kill his step father and was put in some sort of 'home.' This + all the other things listed + being a weirdo = disaster.

    RIP to the victims.

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    actually it was the crossroads that had all the gang action.. i think...

    on a side not.. where do you live north?
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    Watchya talkn bout willis
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    It was probably crossroads that had most of the gang action in the 80's. Westroads was pretty new and it was really west back then. The west part of omaha is always the "good part". But now crossroads is really ****ty.

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    This is one of the few times i hope there is a sickos like this kid can burn in it.
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