OK so I've been trying to think of the word that goes with the situation and can't. Say you have a perfect situation such as in a book, where the characters have found what they think is a perfect life, yet there is something wrong with it. This may be because of their past actions or something of that nature but their perfect life or situation is somewhat lessened in perfection because of this one thing. This is the example that made me think of the word. We are reading the book The Kite Runner. In the book Amir finds the right girl and settles down but he can't have children, and this might be as a punishment for not standing up for his friend when they were little. Is there a word to describe the bad thing that happens to them to put a damper on their perfect situation? or am I just going crazy? my english teacher didn't know but I didn't know if you guys had any idea. i wanna say like it's a "reserve" or something like that but I don't think thats right.

sry if I seem crazy, this has been driving me nuts.