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Thread: hardgaining is the life for me

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    hardgaining is the life for me

    Hello all and great lifting to all.

    Starting up a training log should keep me motivated. Any feedback, ideas, thoughts are more then welcome here.

    Age - 26
    Height - 6' 1"
    Weight - 170 lbs

    - Gain 8-10lbs of lean body mass in a one year time frame.(Dec07-Dec08)
    - stick to clean, unprocessed foods... eat a 80-90% clean diet. (I do a lot of food prep and cooking of late)
    -improve heart, lungs and overall flexibility by adding cardio + stretching sessions 2-3 times weekly.
    -improve sleep: get 8-9 hours nightly.(have 2 young lads... making this very hard)

    Short term Lifting goals:
    - DL 300 * 6
    - SQ 250*6
    - BB Rows 150*6
    - Dips BW +50

    I started lifting when I was 20 and made great gains back then on a 5 day split. (Was eating anything and everything in sight) I stopped lifting @ 23 when we had are first son and picked it back up about a year ago. I have struggled with my diet/ digestion for the past couple of years and have finally felt better with eliminating most to all processed foods. Now that I have some control over my diet which I believe has limited my results over the past year hopefully things will start progressing. I will be lifting 3 times and doing cardio 2 times weekly.

    note: I train at home, in a power rack, and focus around compound movements.

    Routine: (Push/Pull/Legs)
    - Push -
    Dips 4*6
    standing OHP 4*6
    Incline BP 3*10
    accessory work 2*12(switch it up... eg. pullovers, DB lateral raises, tri. pulldowns)
    ab work

    TBDL 4*6
    BB Row 4*6
    Pull ups (aim for 30) 6*5
    Shrugs 3*10

    Squats 4*6
    c. raises 3*15
    SLDL 4*6
    ab work

    Any suggestions or thoughts on my goals, routine would be appreciated?
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