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Thread: Taking up lifting again

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    Taking up lifting again


    I just recently took up lifting again after stopping for about 15 years- I gave it up after college due to jobs, family, and other things that took up a lot of time.

    Anyhow, I have a bit of a concern, I know my muscles aren't going to heal as fast as they did when I was 20, I'm pretty sore all over from working different muscle groups over the last few days, but my right arm is my biggest concern. I worked on preacher curls the other night, and now my right arm is so sore that I cannot straigten it on its own, I have to brace the hand against something solid and actually stretch it straight. Once its straightened, I can use it ok until it stiffens up again a few minutes later. My left arm is nearly as sore, but I can straighten that one without stretching.
    Did I wreck something, or is this just teething pains of starting a weight program?

    At any rate I'll stick around here as it looks like an interesting site and I have a lot to learn and relearn.

    -Brian M.

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    That exact thing happens to me everytime I stop lifting for a while then start back up. You're just REALLY sore. Don't worry about it. You're body's like "What the F*** did this guy just do to me?????", since you haven't lifted in so long. In about 2 weeks you won't be getting that sore anymore.
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    ^exact same thing happens to me when I haven't lifted for a while, as well. I think it is the tendons on the underside of the arm that aren't used to the strain, so they tighten up and make it difficult to extend the arm. Take a few days off from doing curls, stretch a lot, and I guarantee after your next arm workout you will feel great.

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