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Thread: bench shirt sizing question

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    bench shirt sizing question

    i wear a single ply f6 in size 44 and this is my comp. fit. i would like to get ahold of a 2-ply f6 and use my single for openers. what size f6 (2-ply) would suit me best? titan recommends going two sizes up, and according to them, ill want a 48 in their 2-ply. my training partner argues that i need a 46 (he wears sz 44 katana, 44 f6, and 46 f6 in 2-ply). i would like to hear from folks who had expierence with single/two ply shirts.
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    I'd go with the 46 if I were you. I wear a 50 F6, 50 Katana, 52 2ply F6, and 54 2ply Katana. The 2ply F6 will be tight at first, but it will stretch after time.
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