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Thread: Lose a little weight and get stronger as well?

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    Lose a little weight and get stronger as well?

    I have been trying to put on weight for about 3 or so months and I think it is time to cut back a little. Recently, I started Rippetoe's routine and I plan on doing it for a while. However, I have noticed how much body fat I have put on and want to get rid of most of it. Many months ago I was at 150 lbs. or so and now I am at 185 lbs. I am around 5'11 or 6'0.

    My strength is improving in basically all my lifts except for bench press. I believe that now is the time to cut back eating so much and hopefully I won't lose my strength gains with this. So do you all believe it is possible for me to lose a bit of weight/fat and still keep increasing my lifts?

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    It's possible. Your leverages for things like deadlifting and squatting may even get better. The biggest thing I notice when I cut back is a slight drop in the pressing movements. Once you stabilize your weight and continue hitting it hard, it will start to come back. Try to cut the wieght over a longer period of time and it's not quite as much of a shock and you won't lose as much.


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