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    Whiteman's World

    Starting Stats
    Weight- 200
    Bench- 225
    Deadlift- 415
    Squat- ~300
    Total- 935

    First and foremost, my user name is simply a combination of my last name and my pasty white complexion. No bad intentions.

    That being said, heres a little bio. I'm a 17 year old high school senior in Northern Virginia, and lifting is just about my only true passion. I throw shotput and discus in the spring, though I'm not very good, and play golf at the country club I work at.

    Lifting is my passion, my addiction, and my life. I look forward to the next time I can get into the gym, and love to push myself. I started lifting seriously September of 2006 and have been reading up on WBB and making slight gains since. I have a very hard time putting more weight on the bar, probably because I have a very hard time gaining weight, but peanut butter has been pushing me through my plateaus. I followed a slightly tailored version of Baby Got Back, which worked well for me, but in the past couple of months I have been out of a specific routine. I just got to the gym 3 or 4 days a week, whatever my schedule allows, and hitting myself hard with full body workouts. It's been working, but I want to either start a routine following the Westside template or Chris Mason's new routine he's putting up on ALN.

    My Westside routine will 4 days (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri...modified depending on my schedule), and will include the following.

    Dynamic Effort Bench, Hypertrophy
    Bench (with variations)- 50% Max, 8 sets of 3 (I'll try and wave the weight from 50% to 60% over a couple weeks, then take it back down to 50%)
    Delt work- 1-2 exercises, 2 sets of each in the 8-15 range
    Upper Back work- 1-2 exercises (hitting either vertical or horizontal plane of movement), 2 sets in the 8-15 range
    Tri work- 2-3 sets of 8-15 reps
    Bi work- 0-2 sets of 8-15 reps

    On this day I will not train to failure on any exercises and try to add some supplementary work in higher rep ranges. The intensity and workload is light enough to get me out of the gym in under an hour. I gave so many varying numbers because I lift on a day to day basis. I'm not going to force any lifts or sets that I think might be too much or I don't have the energy for.


    Max Effort Squat/DL, Strength
    Max Effort Lift (Squats/Variations, DL/Variations, GMs, or Rack Pulls)- 2 warm up sets leading into an pyramid to a one rep max
    Rest for 10 mins or so
    Opposite lift of my Max Effort lift (Perhaps front squat if my ME is DL, RDL if I do box squats...etc)- 3x5
    Supp. Hamstring/ Lower Back Exercise (SLDL, GM, DL off box...)- 3x5
    Abs (Heavy Weighted Decline Crunches)- 2-3x8-12

    Some heavy lower body work with some more heavy lower body work. This day will KILL me. It's gonna be awesome.

    Eat, rest, sleep

    Max Effort Bench, Strength
    Bench (With variations)- 2 warm up sets pyramiding into a 1 rep max
    Rest 10 mins or so
    Shoulder work- 3x5
    Upper back work, opposite of dynamic effort day (horizontal plane vs. vertical)- 3x5
    Tri work- 3x5
    Bi work-2x5-8

    This day should be pretty hard, my arms will be fried, but hopefully it will go ok. I might consider switching the heavy supp exercises and the higher rep supp exercises, but Ill try this for a few sessions and see how they go. My only thought on that was that by bunching all these heavy ones together and giving myself a lighter day on dynamic day, my body would have more time to recover before going heavy again as opposed to going heavy 2x per week.

    Dynamic Effort Squat/DL, Hypertrophy
    Dynamic Lift (Box Squats, DL, GMs)- 10x2 at 50%-60%, increasing the % of my max by 5% every week for 3 weeks and taking back down to 50%
    Opposite of Dynamic Effort lift- 2-3x5-10
    Lunges- 2x10/leg
    Ham Glute Raises- 2x10-15
    Wood choppers- 2x10-15/side

    This day should be intense. High rep leg work always gets me... hell, any leg work kills me. Looks like a good time.

    Note: I may sub the heavy supp exercises and the high rep supp exercises depending on how difficult it is to have an entire heavy day. It should be fine, but I might tweak it a bit. Hopefully, though, I have the basic idea down. My Thu/Fri days also may be pushed back to Fri/Sat, depending on if I have work on Thu, but I will still try and keep the workouts as close to 72 hours apart as possible.

    As far as my diet goes, I tracked on fitday for a while, got an idea of how to eat to gain weight, and have been doing well since. I keep my calories up with mini Bako shakes in the morning (still 1000-2000 cals, just not a full Bako shake) and as much food as I can cram in throughout the day. I like to watch the scale, not fitday, to track my cals.

    My goals are to weigh a healthy 225 by summer with a 350 squat, a 500 DL, and a 275 bench. Realistic? I hope so. Even if their not, I have something to shoot for. My short term goal is a 1000 lb total.

    So please, comment if you have any little thing to say, critique the hell out of me, and just give me some feedback. Journal Karma will make sure you get some comments in your journal in return
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