Is it ok to cheat twice a week? Lately I've been cheating on Friday night with my buddies, and Saturday night with my girlfriend. Each of these meals are just random restaurant meals with a house salad and water. Some are worse then others, but none of them I would consider "clean". Usually a chicken or a steak dish...But not a total binge, just a meal out.

Can I stay lean/cut using two back to back cheat meals over the weekend? Friday is a training day, and a Saturday is an off day. I use to only cheat Friday night, but I started to cheat Saturday as well. Friday is a higher carb day, and Saturday is a lower carb day usually. I haven't noticed any differences in my BF levels, but it's only been 2 weeks I've done it for. I'm wondering if I can keep doing this, and stay fine.

Does anyone else have two cheat meals a week, and are you staying lean? I'm not really bulking right now, more so a slow cut. At about 8% bf right now at 190lbs, and would like to atleast maintain/cut a little more.