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Thread: Time to deload?

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    Time to deload?

    I think so. I've been uncharacteristically sore after Mondays front and back work, and I only got 3 sets of squats in tonight before saying "**** it I don't wanna be here" and leaving. I was planning on taking off next week, or at least going really light, but I think I'm done till next year. I also think in January I'm going to stick to chins, dips, and lunges exclusively 3 or so days/week until I get some motivation back to start my normal routine.

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    If you feel like it's time to take a break... then it probably is.
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    If you think you should deload, then you should. I also don't think limiting yourself to three exercises is going to give you any motivation. Do something new or different. Olympic lifts, strongman, 20 rep squats, etc.

    Enjoy the time off!

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