Whats up guys. I know I havent posted in a bit just been really fukn burned out between 2 jobs and lifting. Anways hers a tid bit from nationals till now. Will be more specific like b4 starting next week.

Took 1st in nationals in the Junior 308lb division drug tested.

Ill write a more detailed thread about Nationals later its a very funny story, overslept and almost didnt make it. Lifting started at 9am and I walked in the door 10:15 and was squatting on the platform by 10:30.

1st- 777lbs (Good) NO Knee Wraps
2nd- 821lbs (Good)
3rd- 865lbs (No lift) I got it all the way down and up and racked it but the judge said I did a small bounce at the top.

1st- 525 (good)
2nd- 551 (no good)
3rd- 574 (good)

1st- 550 (good)
2nd- 611 (good)
3rd- 650 (no lift) Got it up but couldnt throw my hips forward

Total 2011lbs 5lb pr from Feb, not that good but in Aug ill hit 2100+ and get my Elite total.

I did squat this tues and worked up to a 780lb squat in briefs and suit bottoms no straps off a 16in box. 5lb PR here but the box was an inch lower this time, I attemped a 830lb box squat but just missed it at the top, couldt get my fukn hips forward. But the 830lb moved just about the same as my 775lb box squat 2 months ago so and the 780 popped right up.

Thur - Bench in shirt, tried a 54 double ply katana. Shirt was super tight and brand new so just worked off a 3board. Made it up to 585lbs off the 3board and it moved really quick but stopped there cause bicep is acting up again. BTW 585 is a PR for me off the 3board.

Sat - Since im having problems in the lockout on the squat ive decided to go RAW for the next 3wks on my dynamic effort days. Since the suit and briefs dont really help 6in from lockout I figured it would be a good idea to work my raw strength. Worked up to a 600lb raw squat off a 16in box, attempted 650 but didnt make it, someone put glue on the box : ) Anyways went down to 405 for 5reps for 3sets and i was done.